Thursday, 26 February 2015

Burnley striker: "Swansea a model club"

Burnley & Wales striker Sam Vokes has revealed a sense of admiration for Swansea City & Ashley Williams

Looking ahead to Saturday's match between Burnley & Swansea, Clarets' striker Sam Vokes has revealed a sense of admiration for Swansea - describing them as "a model club":

"They have been a team we are probably trying to be like. After getting promotion they have stayed in the Premier League for a few years and have shown how strong they are, especially last Saturday. 
"Of course they are a strong outfit in the Premier League, a top-10 outfit at the moment. That is what clubs like us, who have been promoted, are looking to strive for. They are a great model for teams who are getting promoted. 
"They bought some great players through without spending a great amount of money, like ourselves. We have not spent a great amount of money, but we have players who have shown they are good enough to prove themselves at this level. We are coming out of a good result at Chelsea, but for us that won't mean a lot without a result on Saturday at home. 
"We have dropped a few points at home in the last couple of games which have been important."

Speaking about Ashley Barnes escaping punishment from the FA for his altercation with Matic, Vokes revealed the manager was quick to shift the focus to the task at hand. Namely, hosting Swansea City this weekend:

"When these situations happen, the focus is going to be on us I suppose and how we react from that and the media pressure, but for us, the gaffer has come in on Monday morning and quietened it all down and we have just got on with our jobs."
"I have played against Ashley [Williams] a few times and with him a load of times. He is a great player and he's shown with Swansea over the last few years he is a top Premier League player. 
"It is going to be another battle and hopefully I will get my chance against him on Saturday. 
"He is a great example of what Swansea City have done as a club, strived to be that strong Premier League outfit that they are - and he is a model for that club."