Friday, 20 February 2015

Swans Supporters' Trust Meeting TONIGHT 6:30pm

Event at the Liberty Stadium will allow you to ask questions of the trust regarding the proposed sale of a 30% stake in the club

This evening at the Liberty Stadium (in the Gower Suite at 6:30pm) you can ask questions of the Trust board, at an event put on following a large amount of speculation regarding a proposed change in the ownership structure.

If you're able to make it it'll definitely be worth attending, if only to glean as much insight into ongoing talks as possible. With so many factors still up in the air, hopefully we'll be able to understand the intentions of John Moores & co more clearly by the end of the meeting.

"The Swansea City Supporters’ Trust is holding a forum which is open to all Swansea City fans on Friday, 20th February at the Liberty Stadium.  
"As you are aware there has been much discussion in recent months regards the ownership of the club and in particular the role that your Supporters’ Trust plays within that. 
"Our Trust was formed almost 14 years ago and for 13 of those years has had a representation at board level that represents the views and the voice of the fans. We do not believe that this should change at any point in the future as this is something that we fought for back at the end of 2001 and into 2002. 
"You will be aware from the recent Q&A that we published on our own website that we have held discussions with the potential new shareholders in the club and we remain totally committed to ensuring that our presence remains as it is, if not indeed whether it gets stronger. 
"At the time of writing this we do not have any formal offer on the table from any prospective share purchasers that we are able to present to you. This means that we are not yet in a position to consider a Special General Meeting (SGM) or the discussions that will take place within it. 
"However, we are aware that many members would welcome the opportunity to make their voices heard regarding the issues of ownership and the Trust direction and therefore we would like to invite all our members to an open meeting of the Supporters’ Trust. The meeting will be held at the Gower Suite at the Liberty Stadium on Friday 20th February at 6.30pm. Members of the Trust board will be there to answer any questions. 
"This is your opportunity to ask questions directly of the Trust board and to get the answers to any questions you have regarding the issues and the direction which the Trust is taking. 
"I hope that you are able to make this meeting which we feel is essential to ensure that we all pull in the right direction regarding the future of the football club and the Supporters’ Trust. 
We look forward to seeing you on 20th February. 
Admission to the forum is free and doors will open at 6:15pm.