Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Tremmel banned from driving - Goes "Full Wenger"

After his car was spotted speeding on Mumbles Road twice last summer, Tremmel has claimed to be unaware of any action taken over the incidents

Claiming a lack of knowledge about the incident is a fairly tried and tested method of denying anything you don't like, but either way Gerhard Tremmel faces the prospect of getting a lift to training for the next six months after he was banned from driving by Swansea Magistrates Court.

Tremmel has clearly been looking into the Arsene Wenger school of management, because apparently he's completely unaware of any such incident's taking place. Looking the other way, perhaps. Or another car obstructed his view. Whatever happened, Gerry can't drive no more, until club solicitors look into the matter anyway:

“Both Gerhard and the club are unaware of any traffic violation or matters relating to the court. 
“The club solicitors are currently looking into the matter. We can only reiterate that Gerhard is unaware of this matter.”

It stems from Tremmel not responding to two notices asking to inform the authorities who was driving his Mercedes. With no response they've awarded 12 points (six for each offence) and fined him £1200 total. 

This reminds me of a recent dealing with Swansea Council I had. Owing to a mix-up I owed £35 in council tax (and I was unaware of this) from 2011-12. Owing to another mix-up the council were holding £70 of my money (an overpayment) in another account, yet obviously it makes way more sense to send me a scary threatening letter, dictating court action would be imminent if I didn't respond. Upon phoning they said "Oh, we didn't know if you'd want that £70 transferred over" - as opposed to a red letter? Hmm. You'd think it would be easier to just get in touch and ask what the deal is prior to initiating legal action, but it seems the powers that be enjoy scaring the general public too much for that to happen.

You'd think that, what with Tremmel's place of work being pretty obvious, it would have been cheaper for the taxpayer if the police/the DVLA/whoever else is involved in this simply rang the club, or even better went there, asking to speak to Gerhard regarding this. Instead it seems money has been spent getting to this point, and it doesn't appear over yet.