Friday, 9 January 2015

Swansea to receive £337k from World Cup revenue

New figures reveal Swansea were among 396 clubs given a share of World Cup revenue

£337,000. With the money being thrown around in modern football it'd be easy to overlook what would, at face value, look to be a fairly inconsequential amount of money. For Swansea City though, any money is good money and it's been announced that the Swans are to receive £337,000 from World Cup revenue, due to having players who featured in the tournament. 

It's worked out as following:

A club's share of the $70m is calculated by reference to the number of players from a club who were selected for their national team for the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the number of days each player was at the tournament. This period started two weeks before the opening match of the final competition, up until the day after his national team was eliminated. 
More specifically, the "total amount per player" is calculated by multiplying the number of days a player was prJust esent at the 2014 FIFA World Cup by a fixed amount "per player per day", which was set at $2,800. Of the "total amount per player", a pro rata share is then passed on to the club(s) with which a player was registered in the two year period before the final tournament (ie season 2012/13 and 2013/14). 

The full list of clubs is here (link), but if you're interested how we fared against other clubs Cardiff received £144,200, while our Premier League counterparts understandably did a little better for themselves. Figures vary, but the biggest earners were obviously Chelsea (£1,253,233), Manchester United (£1,160,367), Arsenal (£1,081,267) and Manchester City (£1,009,167), while there were quite a few clubs who came in surprisingly below the Swans. All in ten clubs in England received more than us, one of whom (Fulham) are now in the Championship.

I can't say I think there's anything meaningful to infer from this, other than it highlights the continuously growing stature of the club, but it is quite interesting. It may not be a significant sum when you consider we're likely to receive £30million for Bony in the near future, but this club is built on the principle that every penny counts. Long may it continue.