Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Tottenham v Swansea - Monk: "No focus on points - just on Spurs"

Swansea manager revealed talk of a record points target is at the back of his mind with Spurs game close at hand

Despite reaching the fabled fourty-point mark earlier than ever before in our burgeoning Premier League history, Garry Monk has insisted that as soon as the final whistle went at Burnley attention turned to the next match, as opposed to the league table:

"The concern for me as manager is that we have a history of easing off when we have got to 40 points, but I have to maintain the players' focus. I have spoken a lot to the players since West Brom about that, and I think you've seen that the focus has been there in our last two performances. 
"We will win and lose in the next 11 games, but I want to win as many as possible. We are safe which is great, but I don't want to settle for that. I want to push and I think the players want more. That's certainly the way it looks on the training ground. 
"If you go back, the year we won the cup there was a lot of focus on that. It was quite natural that there would be a down period after that, but all people talked about in our first couple of seasons at this level was surviving. 
"When we got there, everyone was happy and it felt like job done, but there was no celebration that we had reached 40 points at Burnley. We came home, we were back in the next day and preparing for Spurs. 
"We have to keep pushing - the players know that." 
Positive stuff from Monk there. Hopefully we'll be three points closer to a record points total come 10pm tonight.